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To give or not to give websites, that is the question.  When giving a research project to students, there is an understanding that they will be using the Internet to do most or sometimes, all of their research.  The Internet can be overwhelming for students with language and learning difficulties.  To help them along in their research, I try to provide them with links to sites that are useful and relevant to this project and are written on a level that is close to or just above their reading ability.  By giving them the link in a digital format, they are able to click on it and don't have to struggle copying the link, letter-by-letter. 

  Why give them websites?
  Diverse Entry Points: Why give them websites?
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Severe Weather Projects

Unit 8: Earth's Atmosphere and Weather
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Objective: SWBAT to create a safety brochure about a specific kind of severe weather (hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes and thunderstorms)

Big Idea: In this research project, students focus on one specific type of severe weather and create an informational pamphlet.

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