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Early in my teaching career a court case went through the courts on whether teachers could or could not have students grade papers in class. The parents behind the case stated that having students grade papers in class was a waste of time and harmful to students' self esteem. The final court decided that not only was in-class grading NOT harmful to students bu that it provided an important opportunity for students to get immediate feedback on their work.

This experience stuck with me because I believe both sides have a point. You don't want to create an atmosphere of fear and shame in your classroom. This simply isn't conducive to learning for any students. However, it is great for students to get immediate feedback and to have an atmosphere of POSITIVE accountability in class. To create this type of atmosphere you need to use in-class grading in the right situations. I like to know that the work that students are doing is appropriate and realistic. I want students to know that they always have the chance to redo any assignment and most of all I want the students to know that we are all on the same TEAM.  

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Geologic Timeline - Direct Instruction

Unit 14: History of Life: Timelines
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: Students will be able to use a geologic timeline to answer questions about the history of the earth.

Big Idea: Use Geologic timelines to answer questions.

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