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Writing in the margins engages readers in the reading task and allows them to document their thinking while reading. Both writing in the margins and drawing in the margins engages students in actively thinking about the texts they read. The power of this strategy is not the actual act of writing and drawing in the margins; instead, it is the thinking processes that students must undergo in order to produce such ideas. 

In order to insure that this is indeed engaging the students' thinking, it is important to circulate and check in on what students are noting. Asking them to explain why or how they know is also a good supporting strategies for students who are stuck, as well as a good check on understanding. Speaking is a good strategy to support writing, and in particular it supports EL students or students with language processing difficulties. 

  Writing in the Margins
  ELL Students: Writing in the Margins
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Cladograms - Exploring Evolutionary Relationships

Unit 7: Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity
Lesson 11 of 15

Objective: SWBAT to analyze cladograms to reconstruct the evolutionary history of taxa.

Big Idea: Students explore cladistics - organizing living things by common ancestry and evolutionary relationships to enable us to better understand life's present diversity and evolutionary history.

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