Reflection: Perseverance Embryonic Development - Evidence for Evolution - Section 4: Elaborate


Writing in the margins engages readers in the reading task and allows them to document their thinking while reading. Both writing in the margins and drawing in the margins engages students in actively thinking about the texts they read. The power of this strategy is not the actual act of writing and drawing in the margins; instead, it is the thinking processes that students must undergo in order to produce such ideas. 


Clarify complex ideas presented in the text. Readers clarify ideas through a process of analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Pausing to clarify ideas will increase your understanding of the ideas in the text.

In order to clarify information you might...

  • Define key terms.

  • Reread sections of the text.

  • Analyze or connect ideas in the text.

  • Paraphrase or summarize ideas. 

  Perseverance: Writing in the Margins
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Embryonic Development - Evidence for Evolution

Unit 7: Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity
Lesson 7 of 15

Objective: SWBAT analyze displays of pictorial data to compare patterns of similarities in the embryological development across multiple species to identify relationships not evident in the fully formed anatomy.

Big Idea: Students explore embryonic development across species as evidence for evolution.

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