Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Monster Bash - Section 5: Guided Practice


When teaching this lesson, I thought about teaching students the property of zero (anything times zero is zero) and the multiplicative identity property (anything x 1 equals itself). However, I decided to address these properties later on. I wanted students to focus on conceptualizing multiplication instead of memorizing properties and definitions. Also, I didn't want to confuse students!


Another thought: After teaching this lesson, I realized I wanted to color coordinate my 11x17 poster posters accordingly:   

  • x 0 - Yellow
  • x 1 - Blue
  • x 2 - Turquoise
  • x 3 - Pink
  • x 4 - Turquoise
  • x 5 - Red
  • x 6 - Pink
  • x 7 - Green
  • x 8 - Turquoise
  • x 9 - Pink
  • x 10 - Red


I thought the colors would help facilitate pattern awareness later on when students could see Equation Posters x1-x5.JPG and Equation Posters x6-x10.JPG next to each other.  

Turquoise: Multiples of two

Pink: Multiples of three

Red: Multiples of five


  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Reflection
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Monster Bash

Unit 13: Multiplication Kick Off
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT explain the concept of multiplication.

Big Idea: Students will construct monster paper plates to help model and conceptualize multiplication facts.

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Math, modeling, Numbers and Operations, multiplication facts, Operations
  100 minutes
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