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I;ve been using this exact worksheet for several years in order to review the velocity formula (V=d/t) and I've had mixed results. The worksheet does familiarize the students with how to work the formula, but I have low return on completing this assignment.

Last year I was introduced to Dinah Zikes' Foldable and Graphic Organizers for Interactive Notebooks. All I can say it what a difference! My students had more fun doing the assignment, I had a higher percentage of completed work, and the students loved showing off their work. I highly recommend pursing these techniques. They do take more time (IIRC using foldables added about 15 extra minutes) but the results speak for themselves.

  Students having fun doing worksheets
  Joy: Students having fun doing worksheets
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Calculating Velocity Practice

Unit 8: Motion
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: Students will be able to practice calculating the velocity of an object before they gather this data in a lab setting.

Big Idea: Your students will be much more engaged completing a 'calculating velocity' worksheet if it is a 'foldable'.

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