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I love how the Common Core has caused us to be much more conscious of progressions in the math curriculum than we were before. Having taught Calculus and seeing how students in Calculus struggled with Geometry concepts has made me more intentional about priming students as early as possible for the type of thinking they'll do in more advanced classes. Of course we can always scale things down to make them appropriate to where students are developmentally, but just being aware that I am preparing students for something beyond my class has made me much more intentional about which topics I decide to teach and how I choose to teach them. As I tell myself, Pre-Calculus is all math before calculus. 

  Preparing for Calculus
  Vertical Alignment: Preparing for Calculus
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Solids of Revolution

Unit 11: Measurement and Dimension
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT visualize 3-D solids of revolution and find their volumes

Big Idea: Close Encounters of the Third Dimension...In this lesson, students see 2-D figures transform into 3-D solids.

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solid of revolution
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