Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Habitats and Adaptations Activity - Section 3: Evaluate


Students living in urban environments often have very little experience with animals in their natural habitat. This activity was tough for them to comprehend, as what they do know of animals consists of what they've seen in movies and at the zoo.  

From the student samples, student sample 1 and student sample 2, it is apparent the students needed more context for the habitats and animals they've been assigned.  By exposing them to more images, articles and video of animals in their natural habitats, this assignment can be more effective. 

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Urban Students and The Great Outdoors
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Habitats and Adaptations Activity

Unit 9: Interactions Among Living Things
Lesson 5 of 11

Objective: SWBAT make a claim as to why an organism cannot survive in a specific habitat.

Big Idea: Students answer the question, "Why can't I live here?" about a given organism.

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