Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Day 3-What Happens to Some Forms of Matter When Temperatures Decrease? - Section 4: Explain- Guided Discussion


After conducting our investigation on the effects of decreased temperatures, I decided to use a discussion web to facilitate a discussion about our data collected. I decided to use the web to help students analyze and organize the data from their table. With a considerable amount of information on their data table, it thought students might feel overwhelmed as the try to analyze the information. It gave them a chance to pull out relevant information to help them form a conclusion about the effects cold on different objects.

A discussion web can be created to suit the needs of any content area. It’s useful for engaging students in debates, evaluating viewpoints, and supporting explanations. It’s designed to encourage students to be active participants in a discussion giving them a visual framework for analyzing data effectively. Students can organize their information in a clear and structured way before sharing what they think with a group or in this case, the class. They can easily identify relevant details to draw evidence based conclusions.

I found this to be a very effective tool for our discussion on the effects of decreased temperatures. Students were prepared with relevant and evidence to take part in the discussion.  It also allowed me to informally assess students’ understanding of the investigation.  

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Day 3-What Happens to Some Forms of Matter When Temperatures Decrease?

Unit 2: Structure, Function, and Properties of Matter
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Objective: SWBAT recognize that objects react differently when cooled.

Big Idea: Students will create a foldable describing how adding and removing heat causes matter to change into new states.

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Science, matter, Changes in Matter, structure, function
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