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In the next lesson, Motorized Toy Project - Building & Testing (Lesson 7), students will be working with gear trains where multiple sets of gears work together to move their vehicle. Building without understanding does not help develop students understanding about how the gears work. This lesson is needed to build the foundation of understanding so they know the meaning of a 225:1 gear ratio.

I did find that my students struggled with this lesson. Neither the math or the concept of gear trains is difficult to understand. They simply seem to have trouble with the fractions. Once I gently explain an example or two, students settle into an understanding of the procedure and solve the gear ratio challenges. 

Science is a great opportunity for students to apply math skills in a real world context. They do however need a brief review to apply what they know and use that information to prepare for the next task.


  Understanding the Work
  Relevance: Understanding the Work
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Motorized Toy Project - Learning about Gears (Lesson 6)

Unit 9: Engineering
Lesson 12 of 15

Objective: SWBAT understand how gears work and be able to calculate gear ratios

Big Idea: The motorized toy requires gears - how do gears work?

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