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My class consists of a two developmentally delayed students, two of mono-lingual Spanish students, and two severe speech students. Because of this, I like to provide my students with science tasks that support reading, writing and/or math skills as I believe science and social studies are the content areas in which reading and math could best be taught and reinforced.

For this lesson, as with several others, the extension to the lesson is a take home mini-reader. I choose to use these readers because it serves a few purposes and supports our reading targets. First is serves as a home-school connection. When the kids take home these mini-readers, they are communicating to their parents what they did in school that day. They are also reinforcing their reading skills and using the science vocabulary for an additional time separate from the classroom setting. This strengthens the kids' vocabulary understanding and verbal use.

This is a very successful strategies. Many of my parents tell me that the kids read the take home mini-readers over and over again. They collect them and refer to them often. I've even had parents ask me if there is a way to get all of the teachers to teach through science and social studies because they would like to see that for their older children as well. I also believe it is because of the take home mini-readers that my students are capable of having such rich classroom discussions at such a young age.

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Can we Eat it?!

Unit 10: That's the way to plant one!
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: SWBAT to identify unusual edible plants by trying some unusual tasty plants.

Big Idea: Students are often locked into the foods they know. This lesson expands their understanding of edible plants.

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