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I have a few developmentally delayed students, a couple of mono-lingual Spanish students, and some severe speech students. Because of this, I create opportunities for my students to hear and be heard using proper content vocabulary.

One strategy is to pre-assign talking partners. To do this, I match students according to their academic skills, no more than two levels different, e.g. high with medium-low and medium-high with low. Anymore than two levels difference causes frustration and can lead to a loss of learning and incite behavior problems.

This strategy is effective because the partner talks are deliberately designed for the student with the stronger oral skills to speak first. This allows my ELL students, my speech kids and my resource kids the opportunity to hear the vocabulary appropriately modeled and then follow by either repeating what was said by their partner or by paraphrasing for themselves.

  Articulating scientific ideas
  Performance Tasks: Articulating scientific ideas
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What Color is it? Flower Dying for Mother's Day or Any Other Day!

Unit 10: That's the way to plant one!
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Objective: SWBAT explain how the stem of a plant works to get nutrients to the top by placing a cut flower in colored water.

Big Idea: The kids watch a flower change color and watch the absorption of water.

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