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I have a few developmentally delayed students, a couple of mono-lingual Spanish students, and some severe speech students. Because of this, I set up more complex tasks to be done step by step with modeling the expectations before they begin.

Properly planting a seed may seem simple to us, but for a five year old with little to no experience with plants it can be quite challenging. That's why in this lesson each step is clearly defined and modeled. This keeps the kids from becoming frustrated and wasting materials. It also helps to maintain a positive classroom environment by keeping behavior issues stemming from frustration to a minimum.

This strategy is successful for several reasons:

  • makes the task easily comprehensible
  • provides a model
  • provides set expectations and goals
  • provides an opportunity for autonomy while still working within set parameters
  • provides the kids with a guaranteed feeling of success

  Sequencing the steps
  Complex Tasks: Sequencing the steps
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Plant One on Me!

Unit 10: That's the way to plant one!
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: SWBAT explain the needs of a plant by planting their own sunflower seed and charting its growth as they care for it.

Big Idea: Kids learn that plants require more than just water to survive.

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