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There is a misnomer that books should only be read once to a child. That is a myth. Kids learn more when they hear the same information repeatedly and because literature can be so complex and rich, it benefits kids to hear a text more than once. Each time I repeat the reading of a text, I change the focal point or question to be answered. This creates a learning environment where kids learn that there are several different ways to gain information from approaching the same source from different angles.

In consideration of the value of repeated reading of a text, the book in this lesson was also read in the first plant lesson, Sorting it all out, seeds!. I do this deliberately because I want to take the kids on a more in-depth study and understanding of the information presented in a text. Strong, content supportive literature is always worth reading more than once.

This strategy is successful because the kids already have some background knowledge and are familiar with the text itself. Since the kids seen the book before, they are able to focus more closely on specific pieces of information rather than be overwhelmed.

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Bag that Seed!

Unit 10: That's the way to plant one!
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT predict, observe, and record the growth of a plant by "planting" a bean seed in a sandwich bag.

Big Idea: Students learn to chart the growth and changes of a seed to a plant.

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