Reflection: Discourse and Questioning What is your favorite snack? - Section 4: Independent Practice


In the video attached to the Independent Practice section, and throughout the lesson, I used some questioning that helped pull out student thinking. These are very helpful in this lesson because students are having to evaluate multiple statements and need to have data to support their thinking. 


Some questions that I used are...

  • How do you know?
  • What is your evidence?
  • Show me what in the graph shows you that this is true/false.


Another great tactic to make sure students can clearly communicate their thinking is to challenge them on correct answers! I say things like, "I disagree because..." Students who truly understand the concept will stick to their answer and back it up with further data. 

  Sample Class Dialogue
  Discourse and Questioning: Sample Class Dialogue
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What is your favorite snack?

Unit 4: Charting and Analyzing Data
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT use graphs to analyze whether a statement is true or false. SWBAT use graphs as evidence for a persuasive letter.

Big Idea: Students begin to understand that graphs are used to persuade. In this lesson, students collect classroom data, make sure all the statements that they hear about the data are true, and then try to convince the cafeteria staff to buy us more goldfish!

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