Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Review of Polynomial Theorems and Graphs - Section 1: Warm-Up and Priority Setting


Before unit exams, I provide my student with a checklist that they use to assess their own understanding of the major work of the unit.  I organize these checklist by sub-topic in the unit so that they can locate additional notes and practice in their notes.

Polynomial Theorems and Graphs Unit Checklist has the major skills and conceptual understandings in the first column, a section for rating understanding second, and then a place to note resources that might be helpful for studying. In the middle section, students rate themselves according to the following scale:

            A = I understand this so well that I could teach it to someone else.

            B = I get this but I should review a bit                                   

            C = I don’t get this – I better study my notes and/or get help

            D = I don’t remember anything about this

I encourage my students to focus their studying efforts on the B's and C's.  They do this by locating quizzes, notes, and practice problems on these topics.  They should locate these materials and then record them in the "resources" portion of the checklist.

Tools like this help me train students in effective ways to study for math tests.



  Student Self-Assessment: Helping Students Self-Assess
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Review of Polynomial Theorems and Graphs

Unit 4: Polynomial Theorems and Graphs
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Objective: SWBAT begin pulling together everything they have learned so far about polynomial theorems polynomial graphs and imaginary numbers in preparation for tomorrow's unit test.

Big Idea: Getting ready for a summative test on polynomial theorems and graphs means doing lots of problems and asking questions when you get stuck.

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