Reflection: Advanced Students Test a Dam - Section 2: Project Design


Another factor that determines choice of materials in real-world engineering tasks is cost. For my advanced students, one extension I use is to provide students with a total project budget for the construction of the dam. I provide the students with a list of each material and how much it costs. I ask them to create a design that stays within the parameters of their budget while still accomplishing the project goal of diverting water away from the town. This extension adds a higher degree of complexity to the task and challenges gifted students to think deeply about their choices. 

  Extending the Design Process for Advanced Learners
  Advanced Students: Extending the Design Process for Advanced Learners
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Test a Dam

Unit 9: Dams and Hydroelectricity
Lesson 2 of 12

Objective: SWBAT design and construct a dam to address a human problem.

Big Idea: Engineering a dam can solve the human problem of flooding.

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