Reflection: Modeling Catapults Day 2: Creating Orthographic Projections - Section 3: Creating Orthographic Projections


Blended learning gives students an opportunities to use technology to help attain useful information. This enables students to go at their own pace and rewind--similar to flipping a classroom --if they don't understand.

The website used in this case walks students through the process of creating orthographic projections. Making this resource available to them means that they will have a resource available at home, if they need to refresh their memory of how orthographic projections work. The visual and interactive aspect of using this website made it easier for my students to grasp a complex concept.

  Using Blended Learning to Support Students
  Modeling: Using Blended Learning to Support Students
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Catapults Day 2: Creating Orthographic Projections

Unit 5: Engineering
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT: Create orthographic projections of their final catapult design.

Big Idea: Having a plan helps students focus on the task at hand. Orthographic projections help students visualize their catapults prior to their construction.

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