Reflection: Shared Expectations Build the Best Balloon Jouster Day 2 - Section 4: Battle Brackets, Take Two!


Every jousting battle doesn't result in a clear winner, so for the sack of time you must have rules in place.  

  • One rule that we developed was if no balloon was popped that the closest team to the middle was the determined winner.  
  • Another rule stated that if no balloon was popped, but one opponent fell off of the string, then the winner was the opponent still attached to the string.  
  • If there is no clear way to determine the winner then the two teams battle again.

  Managing Battles
  Shared Expectations: Managing Battles
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Build the Best Balloon Jouster Day 2

Unit 5: Engineering
Lesson 10 of 11

Objective: SWBAT: Reflect on their previous designs to create a more effective jouster.

Big Idea: Growth-mindsets don't happen with heartfelt speeches, they occur when students are challenged to persevere with difficult tasks. Reflection drives growth and this lesson provides the opportunity for that.

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