Reflection: Real World Applications Day 1: Engineering Paper Towers - Section 1: Overview


Everyone can be an engineer. Our goal as educators is to provide opportunities that mimic or even authentically solve real-world problems.

As 6th graders, my students are just beginning to delve into engineering so I picked challenges that would pique their interest and show them the exciting possibilities of engineering. The boat and tower challenges are not authentically solving real world problems, but students are developing an understanding of the design steps so that they can dive deeper as they progress through school.  In terms of making engineering more authentic, it would be great to have kids in an earth science unit design a bridge that spans a river.  

They would then have a reason for understanding rock and soil types, change in flow, erosion, and the like. Identify your students abilities and understanding of the engineering design process and plan lessons that meet your needs and standards taught. Once you get going, I am sure that you will gain confidence in weaving science and engineering standards into your curriculum!

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  Real World Applications: Engineers of the Future
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Day 1: Engineering Paper Towers

Unit 5: Engineering
Lesson 1 of 11

Objective: SWBAT: Follow the design process to construct a paper tower that doesn't fall from the force of a fan.

Big Idea: Engineering and science are two disciplines that will drive the future of our society. Students will develop an understanding of the design process and the iterative design.

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