Reflection: Checks for Understanding Geometry Town Project - Section 1: Directions for the Teacher


By the end of the project, my students were very interested in what their peers had done. (See Student Example1, Student Example2, Student Example3, Student Example4, Student Example5)  I decided to use a gallery walk process for students to check one another's projects.  With their partner, students rotated to each project and were given the following directions:

1.  Choose 2 places and verify the area of the shapes.  Show your work on loose leaf.

2.  Read the directions and verify that they make sense and are complete.

3.  Write a comment on the project feedback sheet.  Make sure it is a helpful critique.

My students took their work very seriously, because they knew how much time was spent on the projects.  The tasks of showing their work and giving their feedback, forced students to be accountable for their checks.

  Checks for Understanding: Peer Critique
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Geometry Town Project

Unit 15: Geometry
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: SWBAT use their knowledge of geometry to complete a project.

Big Idea: Students create a Geometry City.

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