Reflection: Station Rotation Review Workshop: Exponential Functions and Logarithms - Section 2: Review Stations


When I am trying to help students practice a set of 6-8 distinct skills, as is often the case before a test, I often create stations for groups of students to rotate through.  In this lesson, I want to help students prepare for the unit test on exponential functions.  To be prepared for this test, they need to be able to 

  • answer conceptual questions about exponential and logarithmic expressions
  • perform flexible algebra with exponential and logarithmic expressions
  • solve applied problems involving exponential growth and decay
  • sketch the graphs of an exponential function
  • Solve exponential equations with logarithms

To help students practice these skills, I create sets of problems that have some commonalities and place them at different stations around the room.  These stations are usually tables for four or a place at the white board.  Depending on the problem type, I might supply graph paper, white boards or calculators at one or more of the stations.  I arrange students in groups of 3 or 4 for stations and tell each group where to start.  I then set a timer so that students know when to advance to the next station.  As they work, I make myself available for questions.

My students tend to enjoy reviewing in this way because it has the right mix of the following

  • focused practice
  • social learning
  • physical movement
  • opportunity to separate what they know from what they still need to work on.

  Review Stations
  Station Rotation: Review Stations
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Review Workshop: Exponential Functions and Logarithms

Unit 2: Exponential Functions
Lesson 10 of 11

Objective: SWBAT consolidate and practice what they have learned about logarithms and exponential functions in preparation for the unit test.

Big Idea: It's time to put together everything you have learned about logarithms, exponential equations and modeling with exponential functions.

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Math, exponential function, Algebra, Exponents and Exponential Functions, exponential growth, asymptote, compounding, population growth, radioactive decay, interest rate, interest, continuous growth, mortgage payments, annuities
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