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Teaching in an urban middle school has taught me quite a few things, one of which took me awhile to understand - a lot of students in the city don't have much experience with animals and nature. They know dogs, cats, and rats, of course.  

But, animals existing in their own natural habitat is something of a foreign concept to them.   had to make sure they knew what each animal was in the the chain and we had a class discussion about what they might eat based on where they live and what their teeth are like. Eventually, they were able to put the pieces together, see food chain sample 1 and food chain sample 2.

  Flexibility: Animal Diet Introductions
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Food Chains

Unit 9: Interactions Among Living Things
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Objective: SWBAT understand the significance of food chains and how they can become penetrated by outside forces.

Big Idea: Students determine the order of food chains using images and will ponder the effects of losing a member of the chain.

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