Reflection: Checks for Understanding Volume of Rectangular Prism - Section 4: Exit Ticket


To lessen the stress of completing an exit ticket, I inform my students that the assessment doesn't affect their grade and the purpose is to inform me of how well I've taught and how much they've understood the lesson.  In grading this exit ticket, I am looking for comprehension of the following concepts to help scaffold future hw assignments.

  1. multiplication with decimals
  2. application of the formula for volume of a rectangular prism
  3. understanding that in asking for the capacity of the tank, the volume of the tank needs to be found

  Grading the Exit Ticket
  Checks for Understanding: Grading the Exit Ticket
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Volume of Rectangular Prism

Unit 15: Geometry
Lesson 9 of 11

Objective: SWBAT find the volume of a rectangular prism.

Big Idea: Students use unit cubes to develop a volume formula.

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