Reflection: Lesson Planning Matter and Heat / Irreversible Changes - Section 3: Noodle Observations


The noodles were not quite cool enough to handle and the lemonade was still slushy, so I took out the book, What is the World Made Of? All About Solids, Liquids and Gasses. Students enjoyed the Image result for what is the world made of

text. It helped connect students' lab experiences to previous learning.

I usually have a text on hand that is connected with what the students are learning in case there are a few extra minutes.

Another resource to consider is Brainpop Jr: "Changing States of Matter". This video connects with the first lesson, "Terms of Heat Exchange ..." in this 3 part lesson, but could be viewed today as a review and a way to connect with reversible and irreversible changes.

  Waiting for Noodle to Cool and Lemonade to Melt
  Lesson Planning: Waiting for Noodle to Cool and Lemonade to Melt
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Matter and Heat / Irreversible Changes

Unit 5: Unit 5 Matter and Its Interactions
Lesson 5 of 11

Objective: SWBAT support their claim with evidence that some materials are irreversibly changed when heat is added or removed.

Big Idea: To change or not to change scientists argue whether or not matter has changed it's properties when heat was added or removed.

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