Reflection: Rigor Analyzing Box and Whisker Plots in a Real World Context - Section 2: Partner Activity


For those students who move through the Partner Activity quickly, the teacher should provide the next problem in this activity. The activity on the Laying the Foundations Website continues deeper into the concept of Parallel Box Plots.  I did not provide my students this activity yet, because I focus on Parallel Box Plots in the next lesson.  

However, if this lesson is too easy for some students, continuing with the other problems and analytical questions about comparing Box Plots is beneficial.  The next problem, compares the Cargo Space of Minivans to SUV's using Parallel Box Plots.

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Analyzing Box and Whisker Plots in a Real World Context

Unit 9: Statistics
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT Analyze Box and Whisker Plots using Real World Examples.

Big Idea: For students to apply their skills analyzing Box Plots using Center, Spread, and Shape in a context of a problem.

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box plots, Math, Statistics, Real world problems, Cargo Space of Minivans, Amount of Honey in a Bee Hive, CD sales
  50 minutes
box plots
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