Reflection: Checks for Understanding Mixing Colors with Light - Section 3: Colored Light Stations


Students enjoy this activity as it reveals to many of them a truth which they did not previous know. That many of the colors we see on our electronic displays are not actually there. Here is a video reflection on student work: Color Basics Reflection

Another nice part of this activity is that students get to color on the Color Basics Student Worksheet. For many students, I think they really enjoy getting out the crayons or markers and coloring in the circles. It is a nice break from they typical mathematical rigor this is more typical of this class. Yet they are still learning significant concepts about nature!

  Checks for Understanding: Student Work on Light Stations
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Mixing Colors with Light

Unit 5: Waves
Lesson 12 of 15

Objective: Students experiment with different colors of lights to understand how they combine to create new colors.

Big Idea: Different wavelengths and frequencies of light correspond to different colors of light.

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