Reflection: Real World Applications Cellular Hydration - Movement Across a Membrane Day 1 - Section 3: Students in Action


This lesson provides an excellent connection to the real world. When I read my selections from the book students are silent. They are drawn into the text. The selections tell a story. A story about the men who were aboard the USS Indianapolis when it went down in shark infested waters. The story connects science and social studies in a meaningful way for students. 

Research shows that presenting information via a story is easier to remember. Students will understand the process of cellular hydration after hearing this story.

I always tell my school librarian when I am reading this selection aloud so she can have the copies of the book ready for students to check out. There is a run on the library for copies and a waiting list is started.

Many of the students checking out the book are our reluctant male readers in middle school. This is a book they can relate to.

I would strongly urge you to purchase a copy of the book. Please be sure to share the preface with students. Hunter Scott is a 6th grader, not unlike your students who made a difference.

  Real World Connections Across the Curriculum
  Real World Applications: Real World Connections Across the Curriculum
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Cellular Hydration - Movement Across a Membrane Day 1

Unit 8: Understanding Our Cells
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT explain why water plays an important role in cells determining properties and facilitating function.

Big Idea: What can water do for cells? Water plays a role in moving substances in and out of our cells. We need to keep our cells hydrated or our ability to function starts to fail at the cellular level.

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