Reflection: Performance Tasks Mystery Matter - Section 4: Results and Conclusion


All teams supported their hypothesis with reasons that are identified with properties of solids and liquids.

Some teams included gas in their question. I am not sure why, other than the 3 states of matter were introduced and explored in the previous lesson.

All teams selected and wrote observations for at least 2 tests.

The form does not show much evidence that the observations were reviewed and partners collaborated to decide if the mystery matter was a liquid or solid. Students only had to initial to show that they discussed their observations.

Next time I will ask students to highlight the observations that supported their claim. This will help me see that they discussed what to highlight.

Most teams addressed all the components of the conclusion anchor chart.

Most teams concluded that the mystery matter was a solid and liquid.

Students exhibited scientific practices as they worked with the mystery matter. They were engaged and invested in the discovering of determining whether or not the matter was a solid or liquid. This lesson helped develop students' schema for the properties of a solid and liquid.

Finally, 2nd graders are learning how to write an opinion pieces this year. The students' conclusion could be used to develop an opinion essay for language arts.


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Mystery Matter

Unit 5: Unit 5 Matter and Its Interactions
Lesson 2 of 11

Objective: SWBAT plan an investigation to explain if the mystery matter is a liquid.

Big Idea: Students explore their concepts of what a liquid is when they test the mystery matter.

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