Reflection: Online Resources Biodiversity Survey part 2: Observing and Identifying Local Species - Section 5: Analyze: Identifying Observations


One of the coolest things that happened during this project, and yet another reason that iNaturalist is such a great resource, is that many of my students observations were identified by members of the iNaturalist online community.

Similar to their experiences speaking with actual environmental scientists in the Environmental Science vs. Environmentalism lesson, this gave my students another opportunity to interact with a wider community beyond the boundaries of their school, city, or even country. 

What I particularly like about this is it is an opportunity to reinforce a theme in my course, that the topics and problems we cover in class aren't just something from class but "real world" issues that many people care about and are actively involved in trying to address.  Hopefully as they understand that the work they're doing is work that many other students and adults around the world are engaged in, they'll understand the value of the knowledge they're building in class.

  Being part of an online community
  Online Resources: Being part of an online community
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Biodiversity Survey part 2: Observing and Identifying Local Species

Unit 6: Biodiversity
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: Students will begin work on their biodiversity survey and be able to upload their photos and written observations to the iNaturalist platform.

Big Idea: Knowing what you don't know is an important first step in an inquiry-based project.

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