Reflection: Station Rotation Applying the Area Formulas for Regular Polygons - Section 3: Group Work


When students are in the position of commenting on others' work, I've found that it's important to set some guidelines.  Otherwise, students' comments tend to be brief and not very helpful (ex. Post Its) With this activity, I needed to remind students to stay focused on the math work, as opposed to things like handwriting.  If they found a mistake, I told them to identify the mistake, in detail, on the post it.  If they had questions or another strategy, they were instructed to write those on the post its as well.  Each group only had 1 post it to comment on for each problem, so they had to agree on what to write.

  Station Rotation: Peer Critique
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Applying the Area Formulas for Regular Polygons

Unit 15: Geometry
Lesson 2 of 11

Objective: SWBAT apply the area formulas for regular polygons.

Big Idea: Students find the area of polygons.

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Math, Geometry, area of polygons
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