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Students become deeply interested in the IMPACT ASSESSMENT lessons.  Many actually requested to learn more about this topic.  To meet students interest, I developed "Do Food Machines Dream of Electric McNuggets?", an extension activity.  Students watched a PBS documentary about America's Food System, developed a written response to a guiding question, and engaged in "debate" through an Edmodo chat space.  The basic process was that students would post their 500 word "essays" and provide feedback to each other using the same "4 As" protocol.  I posted comments as well.  Because students asked for this assignment, there was little policing of content required.  For more ideas on how to create compelling online discussion environments, I recommend adapting some of the many excellent ideas that Matt Steiniger, a science teach in New York City, articulates in this short presentation of his work with successful online student dialogue. 

RESOURCE NOTE: Attached is a prototype activity guide for this activity.  Teachers might want to use a modified version of this activity as an introduction to this unit.

  Debate: Putting the debate online: America's Food System
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IMPACT ASSESSMENT: The hidden costs of gentrification (2 of 2)

Unit 5: Food (biosphere and geosphere)
Lesson 5 of 24

Objective: In this two lesson sequence students will be able to 1) identify a measurable environmental impact of Sunset Park's Industry City; 2) develop a method for measuring environmental impact; and 3) present environmental impact findings to the class.

Big Idea: Sunset Park is home to Industry City, a sprawling former industrial complex turned bellwether of imminent neighborhood gentrification. How might we calculate the hidden costs of the environmental impact of Sunset Park's gentrification?

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