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I often assess students' science writing in two ways.  I make notes on their writing skill and separately make notes or keep a checklist of science content and concept progress.  I find that these quick teacher check-ins provide me with the valuable evidence I need to determine how to modify, adjust, and plan further instruction both for the individual child and the entire class.

For example, this child has mastered basic sentences and conventions.  Their writing is fluent. They now need to work on developing topic and concluding sentences that tie together their ideas about this animal.

This child needs to develop more to reach the science goal of being able to describe complete life cycles.  They mention an important detail from the reptile life cycle, but they do not include any other information.


  Third Grade Science Writing
  Exit Tickets: Third Grade Science Writing
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Unit 11: Life Cycles
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: Students will recognize that reptiles lay eggs, are born in miniature, grow and change without metamorphosis, reproduce, and die.

Big Idea: Reptiles share basic life cycle characteristics with all other living things.

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