Reflection: Checks for Understanding Plant Life Cycles: Flowering Plants - Section 2: Explore: Finding Flowers


Today they take notes in their science journals.  Later they will be responsible for making them neat enough for me to read or for typing them into a file on Google drive, which is often a choice preferred by students who also want to upload photos.  

In order to check for understanding, throughout this activity, I ask students to identify parts of the flowering plants they recognize and, more importantly, I want them to discuss the different life cycle stages they think they are observing.  

Depending on the background knowledge and interest level of your students, you may wish to provide them with simple flower diagrams to assist them in using specific vocabulary.  You will note that at this time I'm not introducing all the terminology for the parts of a flowering plant.  If you want to teach students the specifics, I encourage you to check the lessons of Michelle Marcus, for example, this lesson on seeds.  


  Checking for Understanding in an Informal Setting
  Checks for Understanding: Checking for Understanding in an Informal Setting
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Plant Life Cycles: Flowering Plants

Unit 11: Life Cycles
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to explain basic facts about fern life cycles and their past and present roles in the ecosystem.

Big Idea: All plants do not reproduce from seeds.

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