Reflection: Staircase of Complexity Finding the Area of Odd-Shaped Dog Pens - Section 4: Student Practice


In this video, Students Reflecting, two students help me reflect on the lesson. 

Prior to the video, the students point out the differences between Options A & B and C & D and E & F, "These two have squares inside." "And these two already have the rectangles inside marked." "On these last two, we had to find the rectangles."

I like hearing one student say that the squares in Option B helped her visualize the squares in Option C. I think that this helped her move from a concrete model to a more abstract model. 

Overall, I think students understood how to find the area of more complex odd-shaped models because I purposefully created odd-shaped dog pens that were progressively more challenging. Each dog pen gradually required more thought and skill to solve. 

Also, this allowed me to provide differentiation and enrichment. At least one student worked on Options A and B the whole time. Others were able to finish finding the area for all six options. 

  Staircase of Complexity: Gradually Increasing the Complexity
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Finding the Area of Odd-Shaped Dog Pens

Unit 14: Area & Perimeter
Lesson 19 of 19

Objective: SWBAT find the area of odd-shaped dog pens.

Big Idea: Students will decompose odd-shaped dog pens into smaller rectangles to find the area.

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student finding the area
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