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Demonstrating relevance is a very importation part of my instruction. I find that students really enjoy learning meiosis because they like learning details about sex cell formation.  Because the topic is about sex cell formation, inevitably we will discuss the male and female reproduction systems.

Surprisingly, many high school students have little understanding of how their post-puberty bodies function so I like to take the time to answer their questions and relate it back to the concepts being taught.  I've learned how to temper my reactions to their questions so that they are comfortable asking questions about things that they do not understand about their reproductive systems. My only requirement for students is that they use the academic language when they ask a question and that they all show mature behavior that allows us to engage in discussion without the silliness that sometimes rears its head when discussing reproduction.

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Meiosis, part 1

Unit 5: Unit 2- Cells
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Objective: Students will be able to explain how genetic variation results from the changes that occur to chromosomes during meiosis.

Big Idea: Making sex cells is double the fun of mitosis.

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meiosis, Science, gametes, Genetic Diversity, haploid, cell division, Chromosomes, crossing over
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