Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines Glucose's Love Letter - Section 3: Guided Practice


The RAFT is a writing format that allows students to take on a defined role and write from that perspective.  This is an assignment that students really enjoy because most students have experienced dating in some form or fashion by the time they reach high school.

One of the indicators I look for when I read the letters is how well students are able to speak to the particular characteristics of the various carbohydrates in a way that clearly explains why they want to break up or makeup.  This type of assignment allows me to learn more about my students and build relationship with them.  The RAFT is an effective writing strategy for writing across the curriculum and the context of hydrolysis, condensation, polymers, and monomers were a natural fit for a love letter as evidenced by students' work.



  Writing Across the Disciplines: RAFTS
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Glucose's Love Letter

Unit 5: Unit 2- Cells
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Objective: Students will use the RAFT writing style to demonstrate their understanding of condensation or hydrolysis.

Big Idea: RAFTS are a great way to get students writing about science in a creative way.

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glucose, Science, monomers, Writing, dehydration synthesis, hydrolysis, fructose, sucrose, bond, cellulose, polymers, hydroxide ion, hydrogen ion, raft
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