Reflection: Trust and Respect Solar Oven (Part 1/2) - Section 2: Build A Solar Oven


Collaborating with peers is a real world skill. To build a successful learning community in your classroom you need to develop a culture for learning by weaving in trust and respect. It takes work. It takes thoughtful effort. It happens over a period of time.

How did I create a successful learning community in my classroom? I focus on these skills each day by implementing a variety of strategic activities and experiences that cultivate trust and respect. Here are some activities to build trust and respect in your classoom:

  • engage in trust activities
  • design activities for students to freely share their thoughts and ideas like a Turn and Talk
  • create group problem-solving experiences like an inquiry, experiment, or a STEM/engineering challenge


Establish peer connections and build a learning community by implementing trust and respect activities in your classroom.

  Collaborating With Peers
  Trust and Respect: Collaborating With Peers
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Solar Oven (Part 1/2)

Unit 6: Earth, Sun, and Moon
Lesson 11 of 12

Objective: SWBAT design, create, and build a solar oven using everyday materials. SWBAT keep heat in a solar oven to cook food.

Big Idea: Use the power of the Sun to bake food. The energy from the sun is powerful and free. No fuel necessary. Go "green!"

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Science, Earth and Space Science, sun, radiation, transfer of energy, heat energy, solar oven, EDP, Moon
  40 minutes
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