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For this lab, students need to know how to use a stethoscope and a blood pressure monitor, so it may be necessary to model this process. (If you are not sure how to do this, you could ask your PE teacher, your school nurse, or a parent with medical knowledge to assist with this.) The How to: Measure Blood Pressure video below also outlines this process.

Students also need to know how to use a spreadsheet program, such as Excel or Google Sheets. If they have never used something like this before, I have found that providing a short "just-in-time" tutorial on the basics of a spreadsheet is really all they need to get started.

Once they start working with the program, I tend to monitor the room and assist with this as necessary. If spreadsheets are not your thing, then building a table in a word processing program will be an acceptable substitute.

  How to read a blood pressure monitor
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: How to read a blood pressure monitor
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Nothing But The Truth: Lie Detection

Unit 5: Forensics
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Objective: SWBAT explain how lie detectors operate, build their own lie detector and explore how body language and heart rate reveals if subjects are telling the truth.

Big Idea: It's no surprise that criminals often choose to lie to police. Learn how investigators use science to tell a lie from the truth.

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