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Play is a critical piece of learning for young children. When students engage in play they are reenacting things they have seen, heard and learned at home and at school.  During science I always give my students a question to investigate and then let them play (with a purpose).  I gradually release the responsibility onto them allowing my students to take ownership over their own learning. As I navigate the classroom and dip in on conversations I act as a facilitator questioning and commenting all with the final goal in mind. I compliment the work happening and sometimes redirect my learners to refocus in on our BIG question.  When the work is engaging and the materials allow for science discovery and if students believe work is meaningful, the management is a piece of cake! 

  Exploration = PLAY!
  Student Ownership: Exploration = PLAY!
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Who's Your Animal Parent?

Unit 5: Unit 5: Animal Families
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Objective: SWBAT match animal parents to their offspring and explore their similarities.

Big Idea: Do all animal babies look like their parents? Let's explore animal babies and find out the answer to this scientific question!

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