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Infographics can be amazing learning tools.  However, they are complex and require time and repeated exposure to properly develop.  This year, I did not adequately prepare my students to be successful with this type of assessment.  As such, many of my student struggled with the assigned assessment.  The majority ended up working on the alternate assessment activity.  Even so, infographic projects can be valuable, given better scaffolding.  Below is a short screencast I made a few years ago describing some of my work with infographics:

  Effectively using infographics
  Diverse Entry Points: Effectively using infographics
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Soil! (2 of 2)

Unit 5: Food (biosphere and geosphere)
Lesson 14 of 24

Objective: Students will be able to 1) deliver a presentation about soil; 2) observe soil characteristics in a field study environment; and 3) demonstrate understanding of soil through a short essay or infographic assessment

Big Idea: Soil is an essential component of sustainable food systems. How might we improve our understanding of the role of soil in healthy ecosystems in order to identify soil problems that we can solve through purposeful design?

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Science, Infographics
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