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Demonstrations are a useful tool in helping students to understand tough concepts. They are a chance for the teacher to showcase information and skills in a way that is engaging and informative for the students.  

I suggest the article, What Makes for an Effective Science Demonstration?, for more information about demonstrations and how to do them effectively in class.  Even though this particular demo was teacher-led, students were still able to practice their own inquiry skills by asking questions based on their observations of the demo.  his demo allows them to see that air pressure pushes down.   

  Why the demo?
  Student Led Inquiry: Why the demo?
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Air Pressure Demonstration

Unit 8: Earth's Atmosphere and Weather
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Objective: SWBAT to understand the effects of air pressure changing from high to low.

Big Idea: By observing a teacher-led demonstration, students will visualize high and low air pressure.

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