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The prompt is from our SpringBoard work text. We are in our second year of using this text, and I learned from last year that students have a really hard time with the concept of an "incident." Last year, I spend several class periods around developing what an "incident" was--kids were unfamiliar with the term. Plus, after all of that work I realized that the term "incident" kind of has a negative connotation, so I was getting really sad PN's.

Because our Summative Assessment (we call them Transfer Tasks) asks that kids essentially write a Personal Narrative, it didn't seem to matter if they were writing about an "incident" or an "event," so this year I've used the words pretty interchangeably. 


  Incident v. Event
  Performance Tasks: Incident v. Event
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Memory Maps

Unit 1: Narrative Writing
Lesson 3 of 14

Objective: SWBAT: create a rough draft for their personal narratives through a Memory Map.

Big Idea: By blending action, dialogue, and commentary these first drafts are surprisingly strong!

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English / Language Arts, School Culture and Practices, Writing, Creative and Narrative Writing, personal narratives, memory maps, rough drafts, Visual Learning
  55 minutes
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