Reflection: Students with Disabilities Journey Through the Water Cycle - Section 3: Elaborate


In order for some students to complete a writing assignment, a decent amount of scaffolding must be provided.  Students with language barriers and reading and writing difficulties may be hesitant to begin an assignment of such length.  Providing them with sentence starters and a word bank will allow them to tackle the project as a list of sentences to write, instead of one giant writing piece.  This doesn't necessarily allow for a piece that flows linguistically.  However, the student who needs the support will be able to complete the assignment in a way that is challenging, yet accessible to them.  In this Student Writing Sample, the starter questions have been deleted and what remains is the student's original responses in paragraph form. 

  Students with Disabilities: Student Writing Sample
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Journey Through the Water Cycle

Unit 8: Earth's Atmosphere and Weather
Lesson 3 of 15

Objective: SWBAT write about the water cycle from the perspective of a water droplet.

Big Idea: Writing from a first person point of view helps students to understand the water cycle on a deeper level.

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