Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Dog Pen Problem Solving - Section 3: Student Practice


During this lesson, I found a couple of students counting by two to find the number of "twos" in 86. In this video, you'll see me guiding the students as they discover a more efficient strategy: Finding Efficient Strategies

I think it's interesting how some students fall back on their "old strategies" like counting instead of using new more efficient strategies. 

I look forward to checking on these two students during future problem solving to see which strategies they are using. 

  Discourse and Questioning: Using Old Strategies
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Dog Pen Problem Solving

Unit 14: Area & Perimeter
Lesson 17 of 19

Objective: SWBAT solve multi-step area and perimeter problems.

Big Idea: Students will focus on providing a precise model, precise work, a precise equation, and an accurate answer as they solve area and perimeter word problems.

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Math, Geometry, Geometric Modeling, area (Measurement), perimeter (Determining Measurements), word problems, perimeter, precision, area of rectangle
  90 minutes
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