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The most important piece of these events is the celebration of student work!  Very popular today are Publishing Parties at a culminating event to celebrate student writing.  This science party is much like that but with a twist.  For this particular event I have invited parents in to celebrate science and writing together.  Students sit in front of 20 sets of parents and read out loud their own piece of writing. Much prep work goes into this for first grade.  We practice reading our written pieces many times before going before a live audience.  With some students, I give them the option of allowing their parents to come at a different time so it is less intimidating.  These events are both rigorous and relevant to the expectations of today's students.  In one year my students participate in 4-6 of these events and by the last one the confidence level is huge. 

There are many other ways to celebrate work in science:

*Class Museums

*Class-Only Science Parties

*Take-home Show & Tell - Science work travels home for a "Show & Tell"

Remember, the most important piece of events like this is the celebration of our students' work!  LET'S CELEBRATE!

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Persuasive Writing - "Who's the Best Parent?" - Part 2

Unit 5: Unit 5: Animal Families
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Objective: SWBAT research and then draw illustrations to help convince their readers that their animal parent is in fact, the BEST animal parent.

Big Idea: Did someone say drawing? We LOVE to draw! In this lesson students will draw with a purpose in mind!

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