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Differentiate your lesson to develop listening skills.

It is important to differentiate my lessons due to the numerous learning levels in my classroom. I have ELL, Special Education students, low level readers, high level readers, and students with a variety a learning styles. Some of my students are visual learners while some are auditory learners. So, I mix it up. Listening to an article provides background information and helps students get into visualization.

This lesson provides opportunity for all students to build their listening skills, especially ELL, as they build content knowledge through vocabulary. My students love space! Students look at the sky, wonder about the stars, and even use a telescope to view outer space.

So...differentiate your lesson by having students listen to an article and write or draw a reflection. You will understand the connections they made and what they learned from this experience.

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  ELL Students: Build Listening Skills
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How To Observe Jupiter

Unit 6: Earth, Sun, and Moon
Lesson 4 of 12

Objective: SWBAT write and draw to make connections as they understand Earth's place in the universe.

Big Idea: The universe is made up of galaxies that have stars and planets. Understanding these stars and planets will help students learn how those objects affect their life.

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