Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Animal Report - Exploring with Fables - Section 3: Wrap-up


Student self-assessments are a valuable tool in developing metacognition.  I often like to use student self-assessments in lessons like this one because there is less pressure.  This is not a major project but instead an activity that we worked on together as a class.  This provides me with the opportunity to guide them in being honest about their reflections without it causing them emotional distress.  Students need to practice evaluating themselves on short activities before they can be expected to be skilled in evaluating themselves on larger projects.  I give them this form, Evaluating My Learning- Coyote Legends. I chose to focus on a few core writing skills and science connections.

  Student Self-Assessment: Student Self-Assessment of Coyote Paragraph (Written or Oral)
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Animal Report - Exploring with Fables

Unit 15: Writing, Reading and Science
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: SWBAT research a specific animal and take notes from 3 sources on that animal's behavior, important characteristics, habitat, and other relevant facts.

Big Idea: Students use reading to decipher expository text.

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