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After teaching this lesson, I found that some students had a hard time responding to the reflection questions. While they seemed to have an understanding of the concept, putting it into words was difficult for them.

As an alternative, I asked students to draw a diagram that contains an example of the Conservation of Matter. They could diagram any of the examples we viewed in class or challenge themselves to diagram a new example. This small tweak to the assessment process not only provided a more visual way for students to demonstrate learning, but also helped me to better assess whether or not some students understood the material. Upon submitting their diagrams, I had them explain each step to me, which helped them to now verbalize what they were able to draw.

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What is Conservation of Matter?

Unit 7: Chemistry and Cooking
Lesson 9 of 12

Objective: TSW conduct an investigation and develop a model to demonstrate the Law of Conservation of Matter.

Big Idea: In a chemical process, the atoms that make up the original substances are not created or destroyed, but rather regrouped into different molecules. The total number of each atom is conserved, or remains constant.

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