Reflection: Accountability Let's Put Our Hard Work to the Test! - Section 2: Student Activity Part 1


I have nominated MP 1 as the mathematical practice to get the bang for our buck.  I feel if students are truly persevering, they are using all other mathematical practices to do so.  This is the one practice that is giving my students the most frustration.  They are border line angry with me.  During this lesson, because it was a pre-test, students were quiet, yet quiet does not mean thinking.  There was an understanding because of it being a pre-assessment that I was not going to help them.  However, I could see the students giving up.  I could see them saying to themselves, "I don't get this."  I observed the majority of my students staring off, tapping their pencils, putting their heads down, etc.  When these things occurred I addressed the class and reminded them "MP1!"  "You can do it!" "Think!" "Don't Give Up!"  That is our motto, "We will not give up!"  It is hard not to give in to their frustrations, however it is paramount that you persevere too. 

  Mathematical Practice Number one is giving the "blues"
  Accountability: Mathematical Practice Number one is giving the "blues"
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Let's Put Our Hard Work to the Test!

Unit 1: Introduction to Mathematical Investigations
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT draw heavily on the Mathematical Practices to solve problems involving proportional reasoning.

Big Idea: Students will realize math is not just memorization and facts through consistent engagement with the Mathematical Practices.

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